Toy Golf

Toy Golf

Play miniature golf inside a home instead of on a green field
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Play miniature golf inside a home instead of on a green field. The game is set in a house, so the golf you are playing is like a super miniature version, and the terrain is everyday locations inside a specific room of a house. For example, the living room location is set on top of a table. There are books and candies, and daily objects in the way of your golf course instead of the typical green with sand traps. When you start the game, you get to choose from gold, silver or bronze cup modes. If you decide not to play in a specific mode, you can always use the practice mode. Some of the modes are locked. To begin the game, you only have two to choose from. You can choose from either bronze cup or practice mode. In the practice mode, you can choose your location. You have three to choose from, the kitchen, living room and toilet. All other locations are locked. Once you've choosen a location, you get an overview of what the terrain is like. When you are ready to start you aim the ball towards the hole and shoot. To give intensity to your shot, you hold the spacebar key down and then let go. The objects are strategically placed, so that you have to move in a certain direction in order to reach the hole.

Priscilla Bianchi
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  • A different version of golf


  • It can be difficult to understand
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